Read me first

Fourzze FX Saber Sound Designs is a website for sales of digital media known to many as "soundfonts". Soundfonts are a group of digital sounds, usually wav files, that are programmed or installed on soundboards that make prop sabers work. 

I wish to thank you for visiting my website and hope you find a soundfont that you will enjoy on your own sabers. 

Please be aware of the following information and disclaimers:

1. Due to the nature of digital media, all sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

2. Replacement soundfonts will not be offered to customers who lose them without PROOF OF PURCHASE. This includes updates from previous versions or purchases from other websites such as Saberfont, Saberbay or Repulse Collectibles.

3. Soundfonts purchased from Fourzze FX Saber Sound Desings, including from other sites, are for PERSONAL USE only. Meaning YOUR OWN sabers. Resale, inclusion on saber runs, manufacturing and free sharing is PROHIBITED. Contact me for any discussion on usage licensing. Sharing fonts is THEFT.

4. All Soundfonts are tested on all 3 boards they are made for. CFX, Proffie and GHv3 respectively using default configs and standard bladestyles. Meaning THEY WORK as they should. 

5. YOU , the user, ARE SOLEY RESPONSIBLE for any files necessary to make your soundboard work. Soundfonts DO NOT come with config files, .ini files, led files or bladestyles. These files should come default with your board and are also available at the board makers respective websites. 

6. Last but not least and certainly most important. All soundfonts are covered under section 17 U.S.C. § 107 of the Copyright Act and are created using sounds from outside sources, original sources, all with transformative nature, and are sold based on the time, labor, and equipment used to create them.  Fourzze FX Saber Sound Desgins  is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or LucasFilm Ltd.  No claims of ownership are presumed or implied.  Fourzze FX Saber Sound Desgins only sells sound packages. No sabers or materials used or shown in video demos are available or for sale.

7. Above all else..... HAVE FUN!!!!