The Sequel Villain

$11.00 USD
The Sequel Villain
"We're not done yet!" Behold my unstable Kylo inspired font, accurate to all 3 of the sequels and as dark and crispity as possible. The smoothswings really set this font apart from the rest. There are some funny little options in your extras if you can find them.

Soundfont package includes versions for CFX, Proffie and GHv3

All sounds/files in the "extras" folder are optional and my free gift for you to add to your font for a more theatrical or true-to-screen experience.

All soundfonts are covered under section 17 U.S.C. ยง 107 of the Copyright Act and are created using sounds from outside sources, original sources, all with transformative nature, and are sold based on the time, labor, and equipment used to create them. Fourzze FX Saber Sound Desgins is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company or LucasFilm Ltd. No claims of ownership are presumed or implied. Fourzze FX Saber Sound Desgins only sells sound packages. No sabers or materials used or shown in video demos are available or for sale.